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OpenSolaris WebStack launched

Posted on: May 14, 2007

New OpenSolaris Project: Web Stack 

We just launched a new OpenSolaris project called Web Stack.  With the great response we have seen for Cool Stack, we thought this would be a good time to get the community to participate. Although the starting point for Web Stack is Cool Stack 1.1, we hope it will grow much beyond that. Please vist the project site to get more details on why we are doing this. We’d love to get your feedback on whether you think this is a good idea and what open source web technologies/apps you would like to see added.

And of course, we hope that you will participate in the project. You can help by building portions of the stack, add new libraries and applications, test binaries etc. So please do let us know whether you can help.





3 Responses to "OpenSolaris WebStack launched"

It would be great to have an up-to-date version of apache, php, mysql and on pre-installed in /usr/sfw/ with each Solaris installation, as we know it from common Linux distros. This could be an important improvement for Solaris in the future.
I hope the web stack project helps to improve Solaris and makes it Web2.0 ready.

We are working on updating sfw as well. It does take more time to update things in base Solaris because of the rigorous requirements for testing, compatibility etc.

It takes more time to update things in base Solaris because we try hard to offer interface stability, but for non-core component open source it really shouldn’t take that much time. Also, we’re moving stuff out of /usr/sfw/bin/ and into /usr/bin/.

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