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Cool Stack 1.1.1 contents

Posted on: September 18, 2007

We are currently working on Cool Stack 1.1.1 which will have the following components updated, in addition to fixing known bugs :

  • Apache 2.2.6 : Add mod_proxy, mod_fcgid, SMF support
  • PHP 5.2.4      : Add dtrace extension, add new fastcgi version for use with non-Apache webservers
  • APC 3.0.14
  • Suhosin 0.9.20
  • MySQL 5.0.45: Add SMF support
  • Perl 5.8.8       : Add Sys:Syslog, DBI, DBD-mysql extensions
  • memcached 1.2.2
  • squid 2.6
  • tomcat 5.5.23

I would love to get feedback on this. Is your favorite module/extension missing ? Are there bugs/issues you have run into that haven’t been reported on the forum ?


25 Responses to "Cool Stack 1.1.1 contents"

Ruby on Rails already exists in Cool Stack 1.1. We do plan to upgrade rails to 1.2.3.

Is there an estimate as to when this will be released? Also what’s the best way to get the stack updated quickly when security patches are released? A customer is getting ready to test putting this out in their production environment but I want to make sure I’m not suggesting they load software that isn’t updated in a timely fashion.

We are hoping to get this out by end of October. We will try and post critical patches (like I did for gd, APC, etc.) but the best bet for any patches you want is to do it yourself. The build scripts are being made even more robust in this release, so users can rebuild any of the components if they need to.

How about adding support for php4 as well, some of us have php4 code that doesn’t work correctly in php5.x

I hope mod_jk and Tomcat SMF support in 1.1.1.
If they are supported, CoolStack will be nice solution for Java developers.

Yes – we’ll include mod_jk and Tomcat SMF.

To James on his php4 request – sorry for missing your comment. php4 is available in the Companion CD – have you tried it ?

No i have not tried php4 from the companion CD, i was hoping to get it all from one place, intergrated, and perably build with the same specifications and compilers as coolstack.

Getting CSKamp to prompt about which applications you want installed and having mod_proxy with apache will be good improvement. The other day I struggled with just that.
I also struggled with the postgres ruby gem. It seems all the gems that need some compiling report false success on installation. Any CSKpostgres planned for the future?

CSKamp will include 3 separate sub-pkgs so you can install only the ones you want.
Regarding postgres, hope you know that postgres (the database) is being shipped with Solaris 10 (update 3 and above I believe).
Regarding the errors from postgrem rubygem, can you please post the actual errors you see on the CoolTools forum (
so we can look into it ?

I didn’t know pgsql was being shipped with Solaris 10 – thanks for the info.
As for the postgres ruby gem, there are no errors. It reports a success but when you look into it, there is no in /opt/lib/ruby/(…)/sparc(…)/.
I don’t have all the details now but I will post more info on the forum when I gather them.

SMF support of Tomcat (start, stop, fault, etc) is important. Being able to control Tomcat via smf needs to be comprehensive. e.g. : if Tomcat instance dies – Solaris starts it up (based on SMF). Also this needs to be documented and the documentation needs to be easily available and visible to developers. (What is your email address)

Sounds like you have some ideas on SMF – if you already have tomcat scripts etc., would love to have them. My email is shanti dot subramanyam at sun dot com.

How about MySQL NDB cluster support?

I know you said that your target date for the last coolstack 1.1.1 was sometime around the end of Oct. It’s getting close to the end of Oct., so do you have a date yet? I am waiting on it to set up a new server and would like to get it as soon as its available. Thanks for all the work that you do.

We still have 12 days left in the month 🙂
Our plan stands – we have a couple of bugs to fix and a packaging issue to resolve. So, we’re still hoping to get it out in October.

3 days?

Is today the day?? 🙂

I am so sorry – I’m afraid we’ve missed the deadline. There were some last minute requirements for package name changes. It should get out tomorrow.

By the way, we are calling this Cool Stack 1.2 since it has so many changes. Stay tuned.

Is the proposed list of components at the top of this post still accurate for CoolStack 1.2 (as it is now being called)?
The new version is ticking a lot of boxes for me as it provides many items I’m currently having to build by hand, namely mod_proxy in Apache (for Mongrel/Rails), Tomcat (we just ditched JBoss in favour of vanilla Tomcat), SMF scripts for Apache, MySQL and Tomcat as well as DBI/DBD extensions to Perl.

Yes, it is. And there are a few more goodies too.

Hi Shanti
I need to install it (apache, mysql and php) in another location
Can I simply copy the source and customize configuration files ?
Thanks for your support

Unfortunately, you can’t simply copy the installation. There are lots of implicit assumptions made for the install dir and you will have to do a complete re-build. This is unfortunately the way with many open source apps.

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