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Cool Stack on Niagara 2 Systems

Posted on: October 16, 2007

Sun recently announced the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 and Sun Blade T6320 systems based on the UltraSPARC T2 processor.  You can find lots of information on the various features and functionality provided by these servers.

One other cool feature is that these systems ship with Cool Stack pre-loaded. The Cool Stack 1.1 packages are available in /var/spool/pkg. You can install the ones you want using the pkgadd(1M) command as follows :

root@wgs40-82 # cd /var/spool/pkg
root@wgs40-82 # ls
CSKampSrc_sparc.pkg        CSKphplibs_sparc.pkg
CSKamp_sparc.pkg           CSKrubySrc_sparc.pkg
CSKmemcachedSrc_sparc.pkg  CSKruby_sparc.pkg
CSKmemcached_sparc.pkg     CSKsquidSrc_sparc.pkg
CSKmysqlSrc_sparc.pkg      CSKsquid_sparc.pkg
CSKmysql_sparc.pkg         CSKtdsSrc_sparc.pkg
CSKncursesSrc_sparc.pkg    CSKtds_sparc.pkg
CSKncurses_sparc.pkg       CSKtomcat_sparc.pkg
CSKperlSrc_sparc.pkg       Changelog.txt
CSKperl_sparc.pkg          CoolStack1.1_sparc.pdf
CSKphplibsSrc_sparc.pkg    LICENSE.txt
root@wgs40-82 # pkgadd -d CSKamp_sparc.pkg

The following packages are available:
  1  CSKamp     Apache httpd, PHP and MySQL
                (sparc) Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.0, MySQL 5.0.33

Select package(s) you wish to process (or ‘all’ to process
all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]:


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