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Posted on: April 23, 2008

I am attending the Web2.0 Expo at San Francisco this week. Today was the first day of the conference and the crowds seemed to be larger than last year. The primary focus seems to be on social networking this year. 

I’ll blog more about other aspects of the conference, but I wanted to focus this post on the twitter phenomenon. I’d heard of twitter of course, but I just could never figure out what it was all about. What was the big deal about telling the world what you were doing every second ? Who would even care ?

I attended a panel titled  "Short attention span theater: The birth of micro-blogging and micro-media". It was mediated by Gregarious Narain (he turned out not to be all that gregarious) and included Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Stowe Boyd (consultant) and Brian Solis. At the start of the session, Greg asked how many people used twitter, and almost everyone raised their hands (not me though !) He then asked the audience to twitter posts to micromedia2 (expressly set up for the purposes of this session). Within minutes, the posts started rolling in. In a few minutes, my head was swimming with the twitter vocabulary: twhirl, tweet, tweetscan, twitpitch …

Just when I was beginning to once again tell myself "I just don’t get it", another guy in the audience voiced exactly what was on my mind !  To which, Stowe Boyd replied that if you don’t get it, forget about it. It’s not something that can be easily explained. He went on to suggest that the questioner give it a try for a few weeks and perhaps he’ll get it then.

Fair enough. So I’m going to try it. I got myself an account on twitter in the name of shantiS. If you’re into twittering, go ahead and twitter (or is that tweet) me. When a noun becomes a verb, it means a product has arrived.

Happy twittering.



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