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Where is 1.3?

Posted on: May 19, 2008

I know many of you may be wondering why Cool Stack 1.3 isn’t out yet, so I thought I’d post an update on where we are with the release. When I first started talking about this, I was hoping to get the release out in early May. But several things have colluded to cause a delay.

  1. We took on a lot for this release. Although just looking at the proposal, it may seem like a simple matter to just update the versions of the various components, underneath the hood, we decided to do a lot more streamlining of the build and packaging process.  Since so many version updates were involved, that also meant more legal approvals.
  2. We have a more formal QA process for this release (and for future releases). The good news is that this means we will have a more quality release, but the bad news is that it now takes more time as we have to go through a couple of QA cycles at least to qualify the release.
  3. We are going to institute a patching process for releases going forward. What this means is that we can put out patches for critical bugs and provide an upgrade path for existing installations. This should especially prove useful to users who have installed in zones. Before everyone starts jumping up with joy, I want to mention that for 1.3, you will still have to go through the pain of a fresh installation after saving your config files and re-applying them. But going forward, say for 1.3.1 or 1.4, we will provide an upgrade option, so please bear with the pain for this one release.
  4. And there is now talk about making Cool Stack into a more full-fledged product with proper production support. This is one of the major reasons for all of the above enhancements and the cause of the delay, but we have got so many requests for production support now, that we felt it was worth taking the time to do some ground work to make this happen.
  5. Just to be clear, we will continue to provide free support through the Cooltools forum as we are doing now, and we hope more of you will help us out on the forum. We know there are many experienced Cool Stack users out there – if you think Cool Stack has saved you time, we hope you will consider giving back a little of your time to the forum. We have one full-time engineer assigned to the project and a few other Sun engineers who are interested in Cool Stack’s success contribute our time.  We are really short-staffed, so please, please do consider sharing your knowledge and helping out other Cool Stack users.

After reading all that, I know the big question still is : When will 1.3 be released ? We have just finished incorporating almost all components and are starting QA of build2. We have a few more things to take care of but I’m hopeful that we can get this out in the first week of June.

Thanks for your patience and your support of Cool Stack. Please do keep your feedback coming and subscribe to the forum. 


10 Responses to "Where is 1.3?"

Dear Shanti,
I am really looking forward to getting the GD on Sparc issue fixed. Unfortunately so far I could not find a working solution to distribute other than compiling myself.
As for the moment I am forced onto x86 to have TYPO3 running as it is heavily reliant on GD support.
Thanks for checking on this in 1.3!

Can you refresh my memory on what exactly the gd issue on SPARC was about ? Just want to make sure we’re addressing it.

Is this still coming? End of the first week of june is tomorrow! And I’d love to put this in our new Jet Jumpstart builds 🙂

Been anxiously awaiting an update on the status of CoolStack 1.3 as well. I know how difficult this is as I’ve had a very difficult time getting PHP compiled on our Solaris 10 server.
Could we please get a status/release update?

It’s coming – hopefully tomorrow (Tuesday). I’ll post a note on the forum as well as something on my blog once it’s released.

Thank you very much Shanti.
Will this include the 64-bit builds?
I know it was discussed, but I am still unsure of the final resolution, but will there be a 64-bit version of PHP and Apache?
Thanx again

No 64bit versions except for MySQL server. Since we build apache pre-fork, I can’t see a need for 64bit ? Can you please elaborate ?

The only reason I was asking is because I wanted to have a full 64-bit server environment. Although, I understand the benefit is minute to null on the Apache/PHP end of things.
My trouble with compiling PHP was during the effort to have it all work with the several other libraries and packages I had installed, half of which were compiled in 64-bit, the other half just downloaded.
Is it possible to find which settings, libraries, and compiler/configure settings were used during the compilation of CoolStack.. a replication guide of sorts.

We publish the full make script for every component included in Cool Stack. Just download the source packages (you will need CSKruntime*Src, CSKamp*Src, CSKphplibs*Src) and that should give you everything to build php and all it’s libraries. We do use openssl (32bit), so if you want SSL, you’ll have to build that as well.
But please do remember, that 64bit does come with a performance penalty. You can lose 10% easily and that’s the reason it’s best to use 64bit only when the penalty can be compensated by using the increased address space.

Thank you very much for the explanation Shanti.
I wasn’t aware that there would be that big a performance penalty.
Also, just to make sure, you said that SSL will be included in 1.3?
Thank you

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