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Scaling Olio on Sun’s Nehalem Systems and Amber Road

Posted on: April 14, 2009

I introduced
Olio a little while ago as a toolkit to help web developers and
deployers as well as performance/operations engineers. Olio
includes a web2.0 application as well as the necessary software
required to drive load against it. Today, we are showcasing the first
major deployment of Olio on Sun’s newest Intel Nehalem based systems
– the SunFire
and the SunFire
. We tested 10,000 concurrent users (with a database of 1
million users) using over 1TB of storage in the unstructured object

The diagram below shows the configuration we tested.

The Olio/PHP web application was
deployed on two X2270 systems. Since these systems are wickedly fast,
we also chose to run memcached on them. This eliminates the need of
having a separate memcached tier. The structured data in Olio resides
in MySQL. For this deployment, the database used MySQL
and was deployed using one Master node and 2 slave
nodes – all nodes were X4270 systems. The databases were created on
ZFS on
the internal drives on these systems. The unstructured data resides
on a regular filesystem created on the NAS Appliance AmberRoad – Sun
Storage 7210

I think this is a great solution for web2.0
applications – the new Nehalem servers are extremely powerful
allowing you to run a lot of users on each server, resulting in a
smaller footprint and easier deployment and maintenance. Of course,
this requires a little more effort in terms of tuning the software
stack to ensure it can scale and utilize the CPU effectively.

entire configuration, tuning informantion and performance results is
documented in details in a Sun Blueprints titled A
Web2.0 Deployment on OpenSolaris and Sun Systems.
So check it
out and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


2 Responses to "Scaling Olio on Sun’s Nehalem Systems and Amber Road"

Thank you for experimenting and your posting was really great.
And the fact that it is a great solution for web2.0 applications is a great news.
And about the Nehalem Servers, though Nehalem is a new architecture, it is still built on the same 45nm process that debuted with Penryn, it provides a high performance and an excellent power usage which is 30% lesser than the former.

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