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Olio 0.2 is coming

Posted on: October 16, 2009

I have been working on trying to get the next release of Apache Olio (the web2.0 workload) out for some time now. It’s been delayed due to lack of resources. Although it is a single project, it really is a three-in-one deal as there are three separate implementations of the application in Olio.

The applications are non-trivial and as such trying to update them to ensure they are in sync isn’t an easy job. Not only do we have apps implemented using different technology stacks but also the corresponding load drivers. The driver part is easier – since we use Faban and it’s all Java (and it’s 0.2 ready). But the apps require knowledge of Rails, Java EE and PHP and currently I’m stumped by the lack of rails resources.

Despite what is said about ruby and rails, I find rails code to be difficult to comprehend. I should perhaps invest some time in learning it, but right now it would be great if I could find some kind soul with Rails expertise to help out. The critical issues that need to be fixed are well isolated and I can point you to exactly where in the code the changes need to be made (so you don’t have to understand the entire Olio app). If you’re interested in contributing to an apache project, please do respond and thank you in advance.

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