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Starting anew

Posted on: October 22, 2010

After 18 years at Sun (the last 6 at Oracle), I finally called it quits. Last week, I began anew at Yahoo!  I will still be focused on performance, but this time on end user performance.

At Sun, we were extremely focused on server-side performance. Our primary metric was throughput. We worried about scalability. Does Solaris scale on the maximum number of CPUs/threads that our largest system had ? What about the JVM ? And the appserver, and the webserver … you get the idea.

In the web world, things are quite different. The primary metric is response time. One could care less what the throughput on a particular server is – tens of thousands of servers are being deployed anyway. This mindset and architecture fascinate me. How do these large internet sites handle performance ? So I decided to find out. What better way, then to be part of one of the sites that sees the most traffic on the internet (see ComScore report).

I am part of the Exceptional Performance Team at Yahoo! This is the team that first brought YSlow to the community and is responsible for a whole host of tools to measure and analyze performance. I hope to contribute to this effort as well and of course, I will continue to blog about interesting performance issues that I encounter. Please do let me know if there are particular topics you would like to see on the Exceptional Performance blog.


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