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Olio on github

Posted on: July 27, 2011

Olio was developed by Sun Microsystems as a way to compare, measure and analyze the performance of various web2.0 technology stacks. We had a great collaboration with the RADLab in UC Berkeley and gave this project to Apache. However, with the take-over by Oracle, Sun was no longer willing to support the project. Many users continued to find and use Olio but no one (including big-name companies like VMWare who used it for their own benchmark) was willing to contribute to it. I’ve always felt that open source works only when there is big corporation support, but I digress.

Anyway, I’ve asked for the Apache Olio project to be wound down. For those who may still be interested in using it, I have now copied over the repository to github – feel free to fork it. I have also moved some of the documentation to the wiki.

For anyone considering moving a svn repository to git, git-svn was mostly painless. It preserves the history of the edits which is really great.


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We are experiencing a problem similar to yours mentioned at Below are the extracts of the RUN LOG.

SEVERE Exception: CoreHttpAgent[0].0: Error initializing driver object.
Warning: CoreHttpAgent[0]: Killing benchmark run
SEVERE: Run aborted. Master terminating!
SEVERE Exception: Run end failed!
And at last we get, corehttp Completed/Terminated

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