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I am Shanti Subramanyam, a software engineer interested in all things performance. My current focus is web performance but in the past I have worked on performance of server applications and infrastructure, with special emphasis on workload/benchmark design and construction. This blog is about performance and scalability testing, workloads and tools, open source technologies and anything else that I find interesting. I currently work at Yahoo! on improving the user experience. As I worked on open source web2.0 technologies for the last several years at Sun Microsystems,  I have articles based on insights gained from that experience.


5 Responses to "About"

Hi Shanthi can explain about Monitoring ..i have lots of doubt in it..
Kindly do this favour ..

thanks and regards,

Hi! In really appreciating your explanations in this blog, I’m a graduating engineer I’m working on network device performances and it will be great if I can ask to you some questions about olio.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Good articles about Performance.

Hi Shanthi, hearty appreciations for your practical explanations and excellent work on the workloads & benchmarks – Ramya

Hi santi subramanyama
I am interested to know how to creak workload model.pls give me any documents. My mail I’

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